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Disk Library for mainframe DLm2100, Disk Library for mainframe DLm8100, IE11, Internet Explorer
In some environments is no alternative Brower usabel to elude that compatibility problem, so try the following workaround.





Certain Versions of Internet Explorer 11 generate 'Certificate errors' when opening DLmConsole
And if you try to open the 'Console Tab' a 'Content was Blocked' page opens.

User-added image
User-added image 
We have seen this with these versions of IE11, but other versions may also see this issue.  

  • 11.00.9600.18204
  • 11.00.9600.18376
  • 11.00.9600.18426

       and DLm versions 4.3.x and 4.4.x 



DLm Upgrade, DLm update - depends on current system state.

You can open an Service Request at mainstorconcept


This workaround may get you past the content Blocked issue. 

1) From the Status page, click on the ‘Logs’ button (to the left of the Console button)
2) A new tab should open, you can either click “Continue to the website (not recommended) or just go back to the original tab
3) Click on the ‘Console’ button, it should work now.

This Workaround may also be needed: 
Connect to DLm as usual, when on the status page select the IE11 gear wheel and in the menu select “Compatibility View Settings”   
(Top Right Corner)

    This should present the DLm IP already populated in the ‘add this website’ field on the next screen (which will take the place of the “xxx” values in the capture below – simply click “add” and the IP should then appear in the “websites you’ve added too compatibility View” field  – then click to close – the current page should automatically refresh on doing this, after the refresh the “Console” tab may now function as normal (but be prepared to read on) 

    In some cases the above is all that is required, other times, this is not seen to fix the , but when this alone does not work it should be possible for the customer to then proceed as follows to get to a workaround : 
    After setting compatibility view (as above)