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How to start manual file system cleaning to free up space.

Using WebGUI

Step 1: Start a file system cleaning process on DDOS WebGUI

  1. Navigate to "Data Management" → "File System" and press "Start Cleaning" , cleaning job will run for some hours depending on model, storage size and priority.

Step 2: Monitor cleaning status

Using SSH

Step 1: Use SSH to start a file system cleaning process

filesys clean start
sysadmin@DD02# filesys clean start
Cleaning started.  Use 'filesys clean watch' to monitor progress.

Step 2: Monitor cleaning status

filesys clean status
sysadmin@DD02# filesys clean status
Cleaning finished at 2018/06/11 22:50:20.

filesys clean watch
sysadmin@DD02# filesys clean watch
Beginning 'filesys clean' monitoring.  Use Control-C to stop monitoring.

Cleaning: phase 1 of 12 (pre-merge)
   23.9% complete,  7349 GiB free; time: phase  0:00:31, total  0:00:31
Cleaning: phase 2 of 12 (pre-analysis)
   53.2% complete,  7346 GiB free; time: phase  0:05:24, total  0:07:07

Cleaning: phase 3 of 12 (pre-enumeration)
    0.0% complete,  7343 GiB free; time: phase  0:00:32, total  0:12:08

To check the cleaning configuration please use this command

filesys clean show config
sysadmin@DD02# filesys clean show config
        50 Percent Throttle
Filesystem cleaning is scheduled to run "Mon" at "0600".