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mainstorconcept VTFX für Dell EMC DLm Disk Library for mainframe
SummaryVTFX is a product under license from mainstorconcept





Next Generation Monitoring and Management for DLm and MDL Tape Systems from Dell EMC

Backup Storage Management is more important than ever, it is a must have for each IT system environment. We make traditional mainframe tape processes more secure and transparent with the VTFX system for DLm and MDL. The flexible Appliance- and License Models guarantee advantages for all customer sizes and all IBM mainframe operating systems. The VTFX (Virtual Tape Function Extender) for DLm and MDL is an out of Band System (outside of  Ficon Channel) that helps you to monitor and manage the virtual tapes and storage infrastructure.  VTFX continuously checks the environment quality and empowers real predictive maintenance planning.


  • Global DLm Monitoring for multiple VTE’s and multiple  sites
  • Selective management
  • Multi-site IP Replication
  • Backup to Cloud Storage
  • Stage tapes from virtual to physical
  • Redundant architecture
  • For all  DLm and MDL versions and generations
  • Integrated in few minutes
  • Realtime Activity Screen
  • Historical  log inventory
  • Responsive  Web-design
  • Simple remote access
  • Instant Support feature
  • Reporting and alert capabilities


  • Acts as an assistance system and prevents brain drain in your mainframe storage and security environment.
  • Detects and automatically understands the tape system environment and its procedures.
  • Provide a simple and intuitive Web interface that is perfectly suited for rare tasks like disaster testing and maintenance jobs.
  • Saves a lot of time in the daily handling and reduces hidden process costs.
  • Lowers the hurdles in dealing with whole tape and storage infrastructure