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Download IronTap

z/IRIS IronTap installation packages can be downloaded from the mainstorconcept JFrog Repository. New users should contact technical support to receive their access credentials.

mainstorconcept GmbH and its partners licence and distribute z/IRIS. For more information about obtaining the required licences to run z/IRIS, consult your mainstorconcept representative.


Refer to Minimum Requirements before installing IronTap.

APM tools that will receive and process data from z/IRIS, should be active and running before installing and configuring IronTap.

Steps to install IronTap as a server node

  1. Create the IRONTAP_BASE_DIR folder '/opt/mainstorconcept/'.

  2. Extract the z/IRIS IronTap release zip file into the IRONTAP_BASE_DIR path.

  3. The z/IRIS IronTap files are located in the IRONTAP_INSTALL_DIR '/opt/mainstorconcept/irontap/'.

Start IronTap

  1. Change your working directory to your IRONTAP_INSTALL_DIR.

  2. Execute the launcher script ‘’.

Stop IronTap

  1. Execute the Java Virtual Machine Process Status Tool 'jps'.

  2. Invoking kill on the IronTapLauncher process will issue a graceful shutdown.

142027 IronTapLauncher

kill 142027

Installation files and directories

IronTap path



contains z/IRIS IronTap modules and dependencies.


defines settings for the application. More info in "Configuring z/IRIS IronTap".


defines the logging behaviour of z/IRIS IronTap.

describes a launcher script for z/IRIS IronTap.