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Apache Kafka preparations

The Kafka cluster should be accessible over the network.

For more details, refer to our Apache Kafka - Configuration Guide for z/IRIS.

Supported SMF Records

Turn SMF records into APM traces and metrics. For more details, see Supported SMF Records.

The installation and configuration of IronTap distributed servers will depend on whether you choose to install IronTap as a container or as a traditional server.

z/IRIS IronTap servers

>> Server installation

>> Server configuration

z/IRIS IronTap containers

>> Container installation

>> Container configuration

>> Container logging

z/IRIS z/OS Clients

>> Install

>> Configure

>> Manage

>> Logging

APM integration preparation


z/IRIS supports and extends OpenTelemetry instrumentation to mainframe systems so that DevOps teams can monitor and manage business critical mainframe services and applications.

>> Integrate z/IRIS with OpenTelemetry

>> Activating z/IRIS JDBC instrumentation with OpenTelemetry

>> Observability with OpenTelemetry

Instana APM

Refer to the following documentation to enable mainframe support with Instana APM.

>> Integrate z/IRIS with Instana

>> Activating z/IRIS JDBC instrumentation with Instana

>> Observability with Instana

Open-source mainframe monitoring preparations

>> RMF Metrics Streaming

>> z/OS Connect Metrics Streaming