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z/IRIS integration with Datadog is available using a preconfigured OpenTelemetry Collector to export traces and metrics to a Datadog instance.

>> Observability with OpenTelemetry

>> OpenTelemetry Collector Datadog exporter


To help users benefit from z/IRIS mainframe observability faster, we provide Datadog users with importable dashboards that visualize metrics created by z/IRIS and provide practical examples of ways to monitor mainframe data within Datadog.

>> JDBC Dashboard in Datadog

>> z/OS Connect Dashboard in Datadog

>> z/OS Infrastructure Dashboard in Datadog

>> z/OS MQ Dashboards in Datadog

Monitors in Datadog

Importable Datadog Monitors that alert on resource constraints, errors and anomalies indicated by z/IRIS traces and metrics. Datadog Monitors can be customized to notify teams automatically and trigger the necessary workflow to remediate potential or existing issues.

>> Configuring a Monitor for Deadlock Detection

>> Monitors for z/OS MQ Dashboards