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SMF record type


SMF Type 30 (1-6)

Common Address Space Work records used to create z/OS Work Traces for partner APM ISVs.

See z/OS Work observability to find out how z/IRIS processes SMF 30 records into APM traces for batch job observability.

SMF Type 70

Mainframe processor utilization.

See z/IRIS RMF Metrics streaming to find out how z/IRIS processes RMF records into real-time metrics for open-source mainframe monitoring.

SMF Type 101

Db2 v12 for z/OS accounting records. See Distributed Db2 for z/OS Observability for more details.

SMF Type 102

Db2 v12 for z/OS performance records. See Distributed Db2 trace streaming for APM integration for more details.

SMF Type 123 version 1 and 2

z/OS Connect auditInterceptor records.

See z/OS Connect observability support to find out how z/IRIS processes SMF type 123 records into APM traces. Additionally, z/IRIS creates Metrics for open-source monitoring.