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z/IRIS creates OpenTelemetry spans that describe CICS transactions that executed on z/OS using SMF type 110 records.

Where possible, z/IRIS will provide additional identifiers that inform observability platforms which applications initiated the CICS transaction so that user gain end-to-end visibility into how CICS transactions are utilized by business applications.

Span Design

Each span identifies the transaction, the duration and the error status of the transaction’s execution. Resource attributes describe the CICS subsystem, the z/OS system and any CICS resources utilized during execution.

Trace attributes describe how the transaction was started, the peer/Client application that initiated the transaction, transaction properties, performance and resource consumption.

For more information about all the CICS span attributes, go to CICS Transaction Spans.

Supported Application Workflows

CICS spans are appended to existing distributed traces under the following application workflows:

Contact z/IRIS engineering to find out about additional workflow support.

Trace representation with a z/IRIS CICS span