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CICS Transaction traces (Datadog API integration)

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Below is a table describing the Datadog trace semantics that are utilized when z/IRIS streams CICS Transaction Spans using the Datadog API.

To find out more about integrating z/IRIS with Datadog using the Datadog API, refer to Traces integration using Datadog API.

>> CICS Transaction Observability

CICS Transaction span semantics

The table below shows how z/IRIS configures Datadog-specific tags for CICS transaction spans streamed using Datadog’s trace API.

Datadog Tag





Identifies CICS as a mainframe service used by a request.


The value is derived from the value available in the z/IRIS tag .

Identifies the CICS transaction used by a request processed on mainframe.

See CICS Transaction Spans for more information about the tag.


Same as above.


Identifies the host system.

Values set in the host tag have no effect in the Datadog back-end. Users should integrate z/IRIS traces using OpenTelemetry to be able to list mainframe LPARs by

>> Complete list of CICS Transaction span tags


CICS transactions spans are logically combined under the service name "cics". Each span represents a unit of work or transaction executed in CICS.

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Example of filtering traces using service in Datadog


The identifies the operation performed by CICS.

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Example of searching for CICS traces using operation_name in Datadog


The identifies the transactions as a resource used by a CICS request.

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CICS transactions listed as resources within the Service Dashboard in Datadog

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