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IronTap application.conf

The following module configurations can be customized, otherwise the default values will apply.

Property prefix: irontap.apm.instana.



Default Value


A single ASCII character (except "0-9" and "a-f", "A-F") used to separate the trace information.


ASCII code 124 (vertical-bar, pipe)

Metrics overview

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Screenshot of IronTap Metrics in Instana

z/IRIS IronTap metrics are visible in the Instana UI. Open the z/IRIS IronTap JVM Dashboard and scroll down towards the Micrometer Custom Metrics.



Events that were successfully sent to the Instana Agent.


Spans that were successfully sent to the Instana Agent.


Spans ready to be sent to the Instana Agent.


Dropped Instana Spans. Spans might drop when the Instana Agent is not available and the internal queue is full.


Records that aren't supported by your current setup.

Number of records processed for each enabled SMF record type.


Activating debug features may impact the performance of z/IRIS and the delivery of spans into the Instana backend.

Span Dumps

Enabled Span Dumps by setting a non-empty path string for the irontap.apm.instana.instanaSpanDumpDirectoryPath property. IronTap will write all spans into the specified directory. Multiple spans may join into a JSON array in one file.

JSON file name example


Each file name consists of a timestamp (when IronTap sent this span to the agent) followed by a dash ('-') and the agent HTTP response code or the string "connection-error" for an unsuccessful agent connection.

Instana designated z/OS in-memory resources

z/IRIS z/OS clients will automatically discover and connect to IBM z/OS in-memory resources, where names match the following pattern:

  • **.INSTANA.**

Instana designated resources do not need to be specified in the ziris.comm.config file and will be automatically connected.

Example of an Insana designated In-memory resource


  • z/IRIS IronTap must have access to an Instana agent to send spans to the Instana APM backend.

  • Mainframe-inclusive tracing requires the client application on distributed infrastructure to be fully instrumented by Instana agents. This ensures that Instana trace-ids are populated within the meta-data of client application calls, ensuring mainframe related spans, processed by z/IRIS, are appended to the correct application traces within the Instana backend.