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z/IRIS enables observability for JDBC calls processed by IBM Db2 for z/OS systems. Users gain access to performance metrics and processing information related to JDBC call processing. z/IRIS will also create events with information about errors that occurred on the mainframe. These events can be integrated with alerting rules, so that teams are always aware of any situations affecting business services.

Transaction Workflow for Distributed Db2 for z/OS support


z/IRIS creates Db2 z/OS traces from SMF record types 101 and 102.

Distributed Db2 for z/OS APM trace example

Supported Db2 IFCIDs


SMF Type

z/IRIS Trace




Db2 Accounting

Accounting traces provide data that helps with capacity planning and tuning.



Db2 Deadlock, Db2 Deadlock Participant

Each deadlock event, detected by the Db2 z/OS manager, creates deadlock records. It identifies access threads and resources impacted by the deadlock. Additional information about thread locking behavior is helpful for root cause analysis.

Db2 Accounting traces

z/IRIS processes IFCID 3 data into APM traces or spans. Db2 Accounting traces contain system identifiers, duration information and metadata about resource consumption and performance like:

  • CPU and zIIP processor time,

  • elapsed time (duration),

  • latency/wait time.

This metadata can be included in capacity planning or application tuning analysis.

>> Db2 Accounting trace attributes

Db2 Deadlock span

Represents the occurrence of a deadlock between this span's parent and another JDBC request. The other request will either be automatically linked to this span via APM span linking, or through the holder and waiter child spans.

This span provides:

  • the timestamp of the event,

  • has a duration of <1ms ,

  • the number of database resources impacted by the deadlock,

  • the Db2 and z/OS system names, where the deadlock occurred.

Db2 Resource Name child span

Represents the Db2 RNA (resource name) impacted by the deadlock. The name of the resource will be the name of this span. The following is a list of possible resource name values:

  • = collectionId

  • packageName

  • planName

  • dbid=dbid 

  • obid=obid

  • smallResource
    where smallResource could point to one of the following:

    • partition.number=partitionNumber

    • bucket.number=bucketNumber



    • lob.version.number=lob.version.number


    • subpage.number=subpage.number


Holder and Waiter child spans

Represent the requests that deadlocked on the parent Db2 Resource Names.

This span contains:

  • Request APM trace.ids (i.e. the current trace tree is either a holder or a waiter of the specified Db2 resource name.)

  • Lock configuration

  • Db2 client application identifiers

  • Other Db2 access thread identifiers

  • Mainframe systems information

Db2 Deadlock participant

Represents the occurrence of a deadlock between this span’s parent and another request.
Contains the following information:

  • of the request that deadlocked with this request instance.

The is either provided automatically using APM span linking or manually in a trace tag.

>> Db2 Deadlock trace attributes

Db2 Workflow Tracing

z/IRIS can append a Db2 span to APM traces depending on the application workflow. This enables DevOps engineers to examine how Db2 for z/OS is utilized for complex digital business services.

The following workflows are supported for Db2:

Contact z/IRIS engineering about additional Db2 Workflow Tracing support.