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Distributed MQ to CICS for z/OS Interceptor

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To track distributed IBM MQ messages that are processed by MQ-CICS APIs on z/OS, the interceptor must be enabled.

Contact z/IRIS support to find out if your organization is eligible to trial this interceptor for mainframe-inclusive observability.

OpenTelemetry trace context propagation

The interceptor currently supports OpenTelemetry trace context that is inserted during the instrumentation of JMS MQ client applications. This enables z/IRIS to associate MQ spans that are logically related to a single transaction. Users can then identify which business transaction consume MQ for z/OS services as well as monitor and analyze MQ performance, service level indicators and resource consumption using enterprise observability tools.





The MQ-CICS API exit must be inactive before activating the interceptor.

SMF Type 201

The interceptor writes SMF Type 201 records, but can be changed to an alternate SMF type if required.

MQRFH2 compatibility

JMS MQ client applications that are instrumented by OpenTelemetry SDKs or Java agents will add trace context to the MQ message using MQRFH2 headers.
The IBM MQ queue managers, queues, channels and applications that will be monitored on z/OS must support or be compatible with messages in MQRFH2 format.

Download and Installation

Contact z/IRIS engineering to register for the BETA trial. All BETA users will get access to the z/IRIS MQ Interceptor and receive customer and technical support for the duration of the trial program.

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