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Why is IronTap dropping SMF records?

Answer: The following steps provide you with an overview of the most common pitfalls and how to solve them:

Step 1: Verify that SMF records enabled

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Verify that z/OS clients stream supported SMF records streamed to the Kafka cluster.

Step 2: Verify that the instrumented applications call mainframe LPARs that are monitored by z/IRIS

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Note that several load-balancing mechanisms on the mainframe may distribute the work among different LPARs, CICS regions, etc.

Step 3: For Distributed Db2 observability, check that JDBC application has the required environment variables set

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Step 4: Is IronTap integration configured correctly?

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Step 5: Is the correct EBCDIC code page set in the IronTap config file?

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  • Refer to Configure IronTap to find out more about EBCDIC code page configuration in IronTap is correct

z/OS applications might use code pages that differ from the system default code page.

Step 6: Ensure that your application is correctly instrumented by the agent

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How do I share my IronTap logs with support?

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  • Ensure agent logs are active

  • Ensure IronTap logs are active

  • Run the relevant business applications for which tracing or metrics are needed

  • Attach the following files to your support ticket:

    • APM agent logs (regular log file as well as the metrics/traces log)

    • IronTap logs

How do I extract or collect SMF records for my z/IRIS support issue?

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  • If IronTap receives SMF records via TCP, enable IronTap's 'SMF dumps' capability as described in Configure IronTap

  • If IronTap streams SMF records via Kafka, use the Kafka Record Extractor tool to collect and archive SMF records

Why is the zos.db2.cpu.time and zos.db2.elapsed.time zero?

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Answer: The mainframe administrator has to activate class 2 & 3 like in the following Db2 transaction trace-set:


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