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Getting Started

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z/IRIS: Discover mainframe-inclusive observability for your APM software.

Apache Kafka: Configure a topic in your Kafka cluster for SMF streaming with z/IRIS.

z/OS client: Stream System Management Facility (SMF) performance data to IronTap servers.

IronTap: Send mainframe metrics, traces and events to your APM software.

z/IRIS Telemetry: Gain insight into how z/IRIS transforms SMF performance data into metrics, traces and events.

Integrations: Learn how to integrate z/IRIS with APM tools like Datadog or Grafana using OpenTelemetry and InfluxDB.

Interceptors and Instrumentation Extensions: Supplements intrinsic instrumentation for application observability to cater for integration with z/OS applications and systems.

FAQ: Find answers to the most common queries related to z/IRIS.

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