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z/IRIS Server (a.k.a. IronTap)

The requirements and recommendations below achieve an average processing throughput of 10,000 SMF records per second. Users should adjust the following requirements, as needed, to meet the required SMF processing throughput in each environment.

Hardware requirements 


4 logical processors


4 GB


16 GB

Software requirements

Recommended Linux distributions

Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian 7+


Supports operating systems with English language support only.

Java platform

OpenJDK 11

AdoptOpenJDK is recommended

IronTap Docker image

Recommended Docker version: 20.10+

OpenTelemetry ziris-instrumentation-extension module

IBM Db2 for z/OS JDBC drivers

Compatible version 4 JDBC drivers for IBM Db2 for z/OS version 12 are supported by the z/IRIS Instrumentation Extension for OpenTelemetry Java agents.

IBM documents compatible drivers here.

OpenTelemetry Java agent version

Refer to ziris-instrumentation-extensions versions to find out which ziris-instrumentation-extension release is compatible with your OpenTelemetry Java agent.

z/OS Client

zFS mounted file system

Minimum allocated space

2000 KB

Mainframe software requirements

Supported z/OS releases

z/OS 2.1, z/OS 2.2, z/OS 2.3, z/OS 2.4

Required Java platform

IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version 8 64 Bit

SMF mode

At least 1 SMF in-memory resource must be defined for any SMF record types that will be streamed via z/IRIS. 

SMF Logstream mode is a prerequisite to activate SMF in-memory resources.


TCP/IP must be active and configured on z/OS.

Users should ensure that the number of SMF records written to a single SMF in-memory resource will not result in a loss of SMF records due an exceptionally high throughput vs available buffer space.

Apache Kafka

Supported Version

2.2.0 or newer

Apache Kafka provides a bi-directional compatibility policy since version 0.10.2. This means that older versions may work as well.  We recommend always using the latest generally available libraries as they include vital security patches and performance improvements.

Throughput Capability

The Apache Kafka Configuration Guide provides system configuration for 10,000 SMF Records/s (~35.000 KB/s depending on the type of records). This configuration would need to be scaled to meet total SMF throughput processing.

Supported SMF records

Click here for a list of supported SMF records.

Distributed Db2 trace streaming for APM integration 

Db2 for z/OS Releases

Db2 for z/OS v12

SMF Record Types


Supported JDBC Features

JDBC 4.0

Supported IFCIDs


172 (TRACE(PERFM) CLASS(30-32))