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Supported SMF Records

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The SMF records types below are transformed into metrics and/or traces.

Additional SMF records are added during ongoing development to provide mainframe application observability.

Contact to inquire on the status of SMF records that your organizations are interested in leveraging for performance observability as well as other monitoring use cases.

SMF record type


30 (1-6)

Common Address Space Work records used to create z/OS Work Traces for partner APM ISVs.

See z/OS Work observability to find out how z/IRIS processes SMF 30 records into APM traces for batch job observability.


Mainframe processor utilization.

See z/IRIS RMF Metrics streaming to find out how z/IRIS processes RMF records into real-time metrics for open-source mainframe monitoring.


Db2 for z/OS accounting records. See Distributed Db2 for z/OS Observability for more details.


Db2 for z/OS performance records. See Distributed Db2 trace streaming for APM integration for more details.


CICS Transaction Server Monitoring Records. See CICS transaction Observability for to discover CICS APM traces.

115 (1, 2, 215 and 231)

z/OS MQ statistic records. See z/OS MQ Metrics for more details about Queue Manager metrics for z/OS.

116 (1 and 2)

z/OS MQ task accounting records. See MQ for z/OS Spans to discover MQ APM traces.

123 version 1 and 2

z/OS Connect auditInterceptor records.

See z/OS Connect observability support to find out how z/IRIS processes SMF type 123 records into APM spans. Additionally, z/IRIS creates Metrics for open-source monitoring.

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