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Customize the $APP_HOME/lib/ziris.comm.config as required.

Required parameters and options

# ziris.comm.config required parameters
# mode defines the technology used to stream SMF records.
#  syntax : mode={tcp!kafka}                              

# host refers to the host address destination for SMF record streaming. 
#  If mode=tcp host is required and refers to the IronTap host address. 
#  If mode=kafka, host is a list of kafka bootstrap servers which overrides
#  all bootstrap servers listed in kafka            
# syntax : host=[IronTap_host_address|kafka_bootstrap_servers]

# inmem is required and defines which active SMF in-memory resources z/IRIS will 
# read SMF records from. The inmem statement can be specified multiple times to
# configure multiple in-memory resources.
# syntax :                            
# kafkaTopic defines the kafka cluster topic used to stream SMF records.
#  Required if mode=kakfa                                               
# syntax : kafkaTopic=kafka_topic_name                                  

Optional parameters and options

# ssl activates SSL for mode=tcp
# default : n (not active)      
syntax : ssl=y!n        
# kafkaConfig defines an alternate absolute path to a           
#  kafka file. The default path is              
#  default : $APP_HOME/kafka/  
#  syntax : kafkaConfig=/producer/properties/file               
# timeout defines the timeout for SMF record streaming in seconds.
# timeout=ä0-2147483647ü                                          

# reconnect defines the number of seconds to wait before reconnecting the
#  stream after a timeout or error.                                     
# default : 7                                                           
# syntax : reconnect=ä0-2147483647ü         

# monitor.thruput.interval defines an interval in seconds to display throughput
#  statistics. Only takes effect if com.msc.zos.ziris=FINE in
# default : 60 seconds                                                  
# syntax : monitor.thruput.interval=ä5-3600ü                            

# alias is used to identify this client to the SMF receiver. 
# if mode=kafka, alias will overwrite the Kafka Producer property                       
# alias=ziris_client_alias_name                   

Additional configuration when mode=kakfa

Default Kafka producer properties 

The installation package contains default properties for z/IRIS clients in the $APP_HOME/kafka/ file.

Custom Kafka producer properties

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Avoid making changes to the as this may be overwritten by updates.

Create a new file :

  1. Copy the sample producer properties file in the $KAFKA_HOME/config directory.

  2. Edit the properties as required.

  3. Specify the new producer properties path and file name in the ziris.comm.config file using the kafkaConfig parameter

For more information about required properties for z/IRIS SMF streaming, see Apache Kafka - Configuration Guide .

Workload manager considerations

The z/IRIS started tasks should be allocated to low/discretionary priority in WLM. This helps to ensure that the zIIP workloads are contained to zIIP processors and ensures that business applications maximum processor throughput at all times. 

Please consult your mainstorconcept technical professional if you require any assistance with amending your WLM policies.