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Downloading z/IRIS IronTap

z/IRIS IronTap installation packages can be downloaded from the mainstorconcept Download Portal. New users should register here first, before accessing the portal.

z/IRIS is owned, licensed and distributed by mainstorconcept GmbH. For more information about obtaining the required licenses to run z/IRIS, consult your mainstorconcept representative.


All prerequisites and requirements are documented on the minimum hardware and software requirements page.

Any 3rd party solution that will receive and process data from z/IRIS must be active or running before z/IRIS IronTap is started.

Steps to install IronTap as a server node

  1. Create the IRONTAP_BASE_DIR folder '/opt/mainstorconcept/'.

  2. Extract the z/IRIS IronTap release zip file into the IRONTAP_BASE_DIR path.

  3. The z/IRIS IronTap files are located in the IRONTAP_INSTALL_DIR '/opt/mainstorconcept/irontap/'.

Installation files and directories

IronTap path



contains z/IRIS IronTap modules and dependencies.


defines settings for the application. More info in "Configuring z/IRIS IronTap".

describes a launcher script for z/IRIS IronTap.