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JDBC Observability for Db2 for z/OS servers

z/IRIS enriches Instana application call trees with mainframe traces for JDBC requests that are processed by Db2 for z/OS servers.

The mainframe traces contain information that helps DevOps teams:

  • monitor the usage of mainframe resources by their applications.

  • get alerted when their applications are impacted by deadlocks.

  • quickly verify if their application is blocking Db2 resources on mainframe

  • quickly verify if their application waited for resources until it timed out

  • identify applications involved in the same deadlock event

More details about Instana Db2 for z/OS traces created by z/IRIS.

z/OS batch job observability

z/IRIS enables Ops to monitor z/OS batch jobs. Ops can monitor when batch jos start, when each step within the job start and end, and when the job ends.

Each z/OS batch job trace contains the following mainframe information:

  • Start timestamp

  • z/OS LPAR and Sysplex(as applicable) where the job runs/ran

  • z/OS JES2 identifiers and correlators

  • SAF assigned userid

When steps or jobs end the following information is included in the trace:

  • CPU and zIIP time consumed

  • CPU service units for cost analysis

  • Completion codes

  • Duration of the job or step

  • End timestamp

More information about z/OS Work traces in Instana APM.