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Metrics Streaming

z/IRIS creates metrics from the SMF data it processes. The metrics are normalized and streamed to a preconfigured metrics database. IronTap can be configured to stream metrics to:

  • InfluxDB time series databases

  • Alternate database systems are also available.

Supported mainframe metrics are:

  • RMF Metrics
    RMF metrics provide resource utilization metrics at customizable intervals an at customizable levels of detail.

  • z/OS Connect Metrics
    z/OS Connect Metrics record the following data:

    • request elapsed time on mainframe

    • request types: GET, PUT, POST, UPDATE, DELETE

    • request return code recorded on z/OS Connect servers

    • length of request and response payloads

    • z/IRIS calculates the latency between z/OS Connect and the System-Of-Record (SOR)

Metrics Visualization support


We provide Grafana Dashboard JSON that can be imported and customized in any Grafana instance and help our users quickly visualize z/IRIS Metrics.

z/IRIS Grafana dashboards query the following data sinks for metrics:

  • InfluxDB time series database

  • Alternate database sources are available