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Started task logging

  • STDOUT and STDERR are merged by default  z/OS Client started task SYSOUT

  • The Started Task will send messages to the SYSLOG when the messages require immediate attention, for example a TCP connection was lost and will try to reconnect as defined in the ziris.comm.config file.

  • Example SYSOUT from z/IRIS client Started Task:

    2021-03-26 09:34:24   INFO     z/IRIS Startup V1.6.0                       
    2021-03-26 09:34:28   INFO     ZIRIS initializing System Properties       
    2021-03-26 09:34:28   INFO     ZIRIS Checking License Information        
    2021-03-26 09:34:33   INFO     ZIRIS Getting In-Memory Information...    
    2021-03-26 09:34:35   INFO     ZIRIS Reading config File: /lib/ziris.comm.config
    2021-03-26 09:34:36   INFO     ZIRIS Loaded Configuration...