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z/IRIS z/OS Connect support provides users with the following features:

  • z/IRIS z/OS Connect Metrics Streaming:
    Real-time visualization and monitoring of z/OS Connect metrics created by z/IRIS using SMF type 123 record data

  • z/IRIS z/OS Connect Trace Streaming:
    Real-time distributed observability of z/OS Connect REST API request processing in z/IRIS partner and open-source APM products.

z/OS SMF record streaming

All SMF records supported by z/IRIS are processed in real-time. Users control which SMF records z/IRIS streams and processes using the z/IRIS z/OS Client ziris.comm.config file. For more information about configuring SMF integration, see the  z/IRIS - Latest Administration and User Guide.

z/OS Connect Metrics Streaming 

z/IRIS supports SMF 123 version 1 and version 2 records for Metrics streaming. 

  • z/OS Connect version 1 metrics provides  zosconnect_basic metrics. These metrics provide z/OS Connect request entry and exit timestamps, elapsed time and basic request method and user data.

  • z/OS Connect version 2 metrics provides zosconnect_advanced metrics. These metrics provide zosconnect_basic metrics and additional data about the System-Of-Record (SOR) entry and exit timestamps, elapsed times, more request data and HTTP response codes.

For more information about these metrics see: z/IRIS - z/OS Connect Metrics Streaming.

z/OS Connect Trace Streaming 

z/IRIS creates OTLP compliant traces from SMF 123 version 2 records. The HTTP headers that facilitate context (a.k.a. correlation) are captured in the SMF 123 version 2 records. The IronTap server transforms the SMF records into APM traces. Using the OTLP specification, IronTap creates z/OS Connect traces within the context of the calling application requests/services. Additional attributes are added so that all z/OS Connect traces can be grouped, filtered using APM software analysis functionality.

Users can view the following performance data for each REST API request made by their applications processed that are processed on z/OS Connect server:

  • request entry and exit times reported by the z/OS Connect server, and the calculated elapsed time (span time).

  • request entry and exit times reported by the System-Of-Record (SOR), which can be CICS or IMS systems, Db2 or batch programs.

  • SOR identifiers useful for support escalation to mainframe SMEs.

  • request and response payload, HTTP response and z/OS authorization identifiers.

z/IRIS can use OTLP compliance to provide z/OS Connect traces to any compliant partner and open-source APM products and can achieve higher vendor-neutrality for our customers.

Example of z/OS Connect trace created by z/IRIS in a Jaeger UI using OpenTelemetry

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Example of z/OS Connect SOR trace created by z/IRIS in a Jaeger UI using OpenTelemetry

For more information about OpenTelemetry trace attributes provided by z/IRIS see z/IRIS - Trace attributes with OpenTelemetry.

Configuring z/OS Connect for z/IRIS Metrics streaming

Metrics streaming for z/OS Connect supports SMF type 123 version 1 or version 2 records.

Click here to find out how to activate z/OS Connect tracing with SMF 123 version 1 records.

Configuring z/OS Connect for OpenTelemetry Trace Streaming

z/IRIS z/OS Connect Trace Streaming support SMF type 123 version 2 records only.

Click here to find out how to activate z/OS Connect tracing using the OpenTelemetry tracing specification.