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z/IRIS enables mainframe observability in APM tools, so that mainframe-backed organizations can determine how mainframe applications and services perform for digital business services. This end-to-end view is essential to maturing DevOps practices, which require that overall system health be visible and understandable across all level

Selected mainframe performance data (SMF records) is transformed into APM traces, in real-time, and sent to preconfigured observability tools (on-premise and SaaS). Mainframe traces created by z/IRIS can be searched, filtered and analysed alongside all application traces within the observability platform. Where possible, z/IRIS will add mainframe traces to pre-existing traces that describe a logical request that triggered mainframe application workloads. This enables end-to-end visibility of services, accelerates root-cause analysis and unveils how mainframe applications are used to deliver services to end-users.

z/IRIS also transforms certain mainframe performance data into metrics that are easily integrated into enterprise monitoring dashboards, automatic alerts and incidents generation. Mainframe metrics will supplement existing Day 2 operations and ensure comprehensive monitoring and anomaly detection.

How z/IRIS works

The clip below describes how activating z/IRIS will enable end-to-end observability in a mainframe-backed organizations. Using the OpenTelemetry framework, z/IRIS is able to integrate mainframe telemetry into any observability platform, giving DevOps, Monitoring and Performance engineering experts the ability to understand how mainframe applications are used to provide services to customers and end-users.

>> Download the z/IRIS Datasheet


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