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z/IRIS Client Started Task

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Create a z/IRIS client PROCLIB member

  1. Locate the ZIRIS file in the jcl folder of the zosclient_{VERSION}.zip and store it in a concatenated PROCLIB data set. The default member name is ZIRIS but can be changed to any valid member name as required.

  2. Change $APP_HOME in the proclib member to the zFS installation directory for z/IRIS:

    export APP_HOME=/usr/lpp/ziris/ziris114
  3. If mode=kafka in the ziris.comm.config file:

    1. Uncomment the following line and define the Kafka home directory to z/IRIS z/OS: 

      # export KAFKA_HOME=$KAFKA_HOME

    2. Change $KAFKA_HOME to the Kafka installation directory on Unix System Services:

      export KAFKA_HOME=/usr/lpp/kafka/kafka_2.13-3.4.0
  4. Change $JVAHOME to the JAVA_HOME directory in Unix System Services, where IBM JZOS or Semeru Runtime is installed.

    export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lpp/java/J11.0_64/
  5. Save the proclib member.

  6. Verify that the surrogate user ID is defined in RACF for this started tasked. See Install z/IRIS clients | Preparing-for-the-installation for details about RACF requirements.

Starting z/IRIS clients

To start the z/IRIS client, issue the following MVS Command:

Start z/IRIS started task syntax
/S ziris

where ziris is the member name of the z/IRIS PROCLIB member.

When z/IRIS reports a failed connection during start-up, check that either the z/IRIS Linux server is active or that the Apache Kafka cluster is running with the accessible topics and brokers.

Stopping z/IRIS clients

To stop the started task, issue the following MVS Command:

Stop z/IRIS started task syntax
/P ziris

Where ziris is the name of running z/IRIS STC Address Space.

Modify commands

z/OS users with SDSF and MVS Command Permissions, can interact with the z/IRIS client Started Task through MVS Modify Commands.
z/IRIS MVS Command Syntax :

Modify command syntax for z/IRIS started task
/F ziris,APPL=cmd


ziris:  is the name of the z/IRIS STC
cmd:  is a valid z/IRIS Modify Command


lists and displays information about available commands:

z/IRIS HELP modify command
/F ziris,APPL=HELP


displays a summary of current connections with SMF and the z/IRIS IronTap Linux Server.

z/IRIS STATUS modify command syntax

Sample response:

Sample output from STATUS modify command
RESPONSE=CPAC      BPXM023I (SMFRAPI) ZIRIS will accept the STOP(P) and
RESPONSE=Modify(F) commands                                            
RESPONSE=CPAC      BPXM023I (SMFRAPI)                                  
RESPONSE=CPAC      ZIRIS STATUS Jul 18, 2018, 12:01:34 PM              
RESPONSE=CPAC      TCP Connection:  active to /172.25.999.999:9999     
RESPONSE=CPAC      Number of Listeners: 1                              
RESPONSE=CPAC      Listener 1 streaming from IFASMF.INMEM.SMFDB2  

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