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z/OS Connect - How to extract values for and

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To adhere to OpenTelemetry semantics for HTTP servers, z/IRIS will try to populate the following tags:



The z/OS Connect SMF records do not provide this information by default. Therefore, it is up to the user to extract this information. If the information cannot be extracted, z/IRIS will allocate the following default values:

  • localhost

  • 80

Follow the below instructions to add host information to the SMF records created by the z/OS Audit Interceptor.

Step 1: Back up the server.xml for the z/OS Connect server that you want to integrate with z/IRIS

Step 2: Add host audit interceptor

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Step 2a: Open the server.xml for editing

Step 2b: Add “host“ to the active auditInterceptor

<zosconnect_auditInterceptor id="zirisInterceptor"
     sequence="3" apiProviderSmfVersion="2"
     apiProviderRequestHeaders="tracestate, traceparent, host" />

id should be unique in this server.xml file

Step 3: Refresh the z/OS Connect server

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Step 3a: Dynamic refresh

If the updateTrigger="mbean" config element was configured in the server.xml file, a refresh can be dynamically performed to activate the new configuration using the MVS z/OS Connect MODIFY command. If the updateTrigger is not configured, a manual restart will be required (Step 6b)

Example z/OS Connect refresh command
/F JOBNAME,zcon,refresh

Step 3b: Stop and start the z/OS Connect

/S JOBNAME,PARMS='<serverName> [--clean]

Step 4: Verify tracing is activated

Check the logs for confirmation that the audit interceptor configuration has been accepted and activated.

Example z/OS Connect messages.log audit interceptor confirmation
[AUDIT   ] CWWKG0016I: Starting server configuration update.
[AUDIT   ] BAQR7096I: z/OS Connect EE interceptor list hrInterceptorList is active at the global level with interceptors: zirisInterceptor
[AUDIT   ] CWWKG0017I: The server configuration was successfully updated in 7.569 seconds

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