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z/OS MQ Dashboard

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This dashboard visualizes MQ Metrics and provides an overview of performance and critical events per IBM MQ queue manager on z/OS.

Template Variables

You can select a queue manager via the queueManager dropdown in the dashboard. The windowPeriod defines the aggregation window granularity for time series.

z/OS MQ Storage Manager

The storage manager is responsible for managing virtual storage within the queue manager. You can use the provided metrics to detect severe problems in your queue manager.

z/OS MQ Channel Initiator

This dashboard provides you with basic information about remaining and available current and active channels. You can see if the number of active channels is approaching the configured maximum value. It can help you to determine whether you might need to increase the maximum number of channels.

z/OS MQ Data Manager

The data manager manages the links between messages and queues. It calls the buffer manager to process pages with messages on them. This dashboard provides information that can help determine if a buffer pool is filling up.

z/OS MQ Message Manager

The message manager statistics give information on how many API requests there were in the period.

z/OS MQ Log Manager

Events related to MQ logging can have an adverse affect on MQ's ability to guarantee delivery of persistent messages, recover resources and performance. This dashboard provides an overview of the key performance indicators related to MQ logging.

z/OS MQ Buffer Pool Manager

This dashboard allows you to monitor the usage of buffer pools by analyzing buffer pool performance statistics. It can help you to determine whether the definition of you buffer pool is appropriate.

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