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z/OS MQ Dashboards in Datadog

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z/OS MQ Dashboards visualize performance data from MQ Metrics and are provided upon activation of z/IRIS integration via the Datadog Marketplace. Using this collection of dashboards, users get a more in-depth understanding of your z/OS MQ activity, performance and resource consumption.

Template Variable

This description of the $qm template variable applies to all dashboards listed below.

Depending on the selected $qm (queue manager) variable, the dashboards provide either an overview for a selected queue manager ID or an aggregated view ( * ) over all queue managers.

z/OS MQ Storage Manager

The storage manager is responsible for managing virtual storage within the queue manager. This dashboard monitors indicators of severe shortages in storage capacity for queue managers using z/OS MQ Storage Metrics.

z/OS MQ Log Manager

Insufficient active log capacity can impact MQ's ability to guarantee delivery of persistent messages, resource recovery, and adversely affect performance. This dashboard monitors any activity that may indicate active log constraints or critical shortages.

z/OS MQ Buffer Pool Manager

This dashboard monitors the usage of buffer pools and activity that indicates resource constraints which lead to poor MQ performance.

z os Buffer Pool Manager Dashboard

z/OS MQ Channel Initiator

This dashboard monitors the available current and active MQ channels. The number of times that a channel tries to become active, and how often, is determined by the retry count and retry interval channel attributes. If the number of active channels is close to or meets the configured maximum value, users might consider increasing the maximum number of active channels to prevent unexpected increases in MQ related request latency.

z/OS MQ Data Manager

The data manager orchestrates the links between messages and queues, calling the buffer manager to process pages with messages on them. This dashboard provides insights into buffer related utilization in conjunction with to MQ activity.

z/OS MQ Message Manager

The message manager dashboard monitors MQ API requests, depicting MQ activity.

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