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Refer to z/OS Work observabilityfor details about monitoring batch jobs, started tasks, address spaces and TSO users.

z/IRIS enriches Instana APM traces with tags that contain metadata about the mainframe system, processing, performance and resource consumption. Use the Instana Analyze dashboard to search, filter and analyze mainframe traces.

Unless otherwise specified below, all trace tags in Instana correspond to z/OS Work Traces

z/OS Work traces set the service name to the subsystem identifier, which is derived from the value contained in the SMF record type 30 field SMF30SSI (e.g. JES2, STC, OMVS, TSO).

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z/OS Work traces set the endpoint name to, which represents the mainframe LPAR on which the z/OS unit-of-work was processed.

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>> z/OS Work traces

Error messages

z/OS units-of-work that terminate with a non-zero return code will contain error messages. Refer to z/OS Work trace attributes with OpenTelemetry | Error-messages to find out more about these types of errors.


Refer to z/OS Work events to find out more about z/OS Work events.

>> Events
>> z/OS Work error messages