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This page could assist you if you are experiencing issues with the z/IRIS IronTap or z/IRIS z/OS Client.

Table of Contents

FAQ: z/IRIS IronTap

Q: Why are all smf records being discarded?

The following steps provide you with an overview of the most common pitfalls and how to solve them

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    titleEnsure that one of the supported Trace-Sets is enabled on the designated LPAR(s)

    See our 'Administration and User Guide' for supported Trace-Sets

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    titleYour application accesses the designated LPAR(s)
    Note that several load balancing mechanisms on the mainframe may distribute the work among different LPARs, CICS regions, etc.

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    titleThe Instana agent is up and running

    The agent has to be installed and started (Full APM mode) on the same machine your (Java) application is running on. On Linux use the following command to view the current state of the agent:

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    sudo service instana-agent status

    expected result:

    Code Block

    If the agent is not running, use the following command:

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    sudo service instana-agent start

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    titleYour application ist started with the required runtime parameters

    Enable z/IRIS IronTap integration with Java applications

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    titleYour application and IronTap are configured to use the same trace field

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    titleThe correct EBCDIC code page is set in the IronTap config file
    • See our 'Administration and User Guide' for the EBCDIC code page configuration in IronTap
    • Note that some z/OS applications might use other code pages than the system default code page

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    titleEnsure that your application is correctly instrumented by the agent
    1. Set the agent log level to debug either via the ui or the agent config (Agent Logging Configuration)
    2. Restart your application
    3. Entries like 'Successfully instrumented class' should appear in the agent logs

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    titleUse Logging Metrics or Traces to File for the Instana agent

titleContact mainstorconcept
  • Enable IronTap's 'Smf dumps' capability as described in our 'Administration and User Guide'
  • Run your application to create smf records
  • Contact mainstorconcept at least with the following files:
    • Instana agent logs (regular log file as well as the metrics/traces log)
    • IronTap logs
    • IronTap smf dump

Q: IFCID 3 - Why is the accumulated CPU Time and Db2 elapsed time zero?

A: The mainframe administrator has to activate class 2 & 3 like in the following Db2 transaction trace-set:

Code Block

Instana APM related FAQ

Q: How do I deactivate the Instana JVM Instrumentation for JDBC 4.0 for DB2 for z/OS?

A: Disabling the feature requires the restart of the JVM and the removal of the system property.

Q: How do I interrogate numeric values in searchable tags for z/OS traces?

A: Currently this function is not available for call.tag tags in Instana APM.