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This page could assist you if you are experiencing issues with the z/IRIS IronTap or z/IRIS z/OS Client.

Table of Contents

FAQ: z/IRIS IronTap

Q: Why is the application constantly dropping my SMF records?

A: This can have many different reasons. I'll give you some things to check:

  1. Agent running on jdbc executing systems
    1. ziris enabled on the jvm -ziris...
  2. Agent config field/delimiter must match Irontap config
  3. SMF type must be supported currently SMF101,SMF102. Check the Administration guide for applicable IFCIDs underthese SMF types that can be activated

  1. Your Instana-Agent isn't running → check the status with the following command: /<agent-installation-directory>/init.d/instana-agent status
    This is what you want to see:

    If it's not running just use /<agent-installation-directory>/init.d/instana-agent start

  2. The Instana-Agent is running but your records still get dropped. Check the "config.yaml"-file and ask your mainframe administrator what EBCDIC-Codepage you're using, then compare it with the "ebcdicCodepage"-field (or look at the logs to see if you use the right codepage).

  3. Is your application instrumented by the agent? Just wait at least 30 seconds or look at the debug-logs of your instana-agent

Q: Losing SMF records / Span queue is constantly near limit

  • Statistic output shows many entries similary to
    • SMF queue: 980/1000

A: Increment transformerMapperThreads and transformerMatcherThreads by 1 (scaling)

Q: IFCID 3 - Why is the accumulated CPU Time and Db2 elapsed time zero?

A: The mainframe administrator has to activate class 2 & 3 like in the following Db2 transaction trace-set:

Code Block

Instana APM related FAQ

Q: How do I deactivate the Instana JVM Instrumentation for JDBC 4.0 for DB2 for z/OS?

A: Disabling the feature requires the restart of the JVM and the removal of the system property.

Q: How do i interrogate numeric values in searchable tags for z/OS traces?

A: Currently this function is not available for call.tag tags in Instana APM.