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z/IRIS z/OS Client

 Storage Requirements

z/OS zFS Mounted File System space requirements2000KB

Software Requirements

z/OS supported versionsz/OS 2.1, z/OS 2.2, z/OS 2.3
Required* Java Platform

IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition, Version 8 64 Bit

Other IBM Java may not have all functions required. Therefore it is recommended to only use the Java Platforms mentioned here.

SMF Logging

SMF must be running in Logstream mode as this is a minimum requirement for SMF in-memory resources.

Refer to:


TCP/IP must be configured and active

z/IRIS IronTap on Linux

Hardware Requirements 


Quad Core Processor (2,5 GHz) x86_64 compatible (e.g.: Intel Core i5-2400S Quad-Core Processor 2.5 GHz, Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q8300, AMD A6-6310 Quad-Core Processor or higher)

Storage10 GB

*applicable for 10,000 SMF records / s (approx. 10 SMF records per span)

Software Recommendations

Recommended Linux Distributions

Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 7

IMPORTANT: Use the English version of the OS

Recommended Java PlatformOracle Java 8 JDK

Feature Requirements

Distributed DB2 for z/OS Tracing Facility Requirements

Supported DB2 for z/OS versionDB2 for z/OS v11, DB2 for z/OS v12Supported JDBC DriversJDBC 4.0Supported DB2 Classes and IFCIDs

SQL Performance Trace-Set:


Minimum Class: Any 1 User-Defined Class (30-32)

Maximum Classes: 1,2,3,6 and 20

Mandatory IFCIDs: 58-64

Optional IFCIDs: 65-66

Deadlock-Event Trace-Set:


Minimum Class: Any 1 User-Defined Class (30-32)

Maximum Classes: 6

Mandatory IFCIDs: 172

Optional IFCIDs: None

DB2 Transaction Trace-Set:


Minimum Classes: ACCTG(1) and PERFM(30-32)

Maximum Class: ACCTG(1-3) and PERFM(30-32)

Mandatory IFCIDs: ACCTG(3) and PERFM(63)

Optional IFCIDs: 106,232,6-7,8-9,32-33,44-45,(51-52, 56-57),117-118,127-128,170, 171, 174-175, 213-214, 215- 216, 226-227, 242-243, 329, 351, 352, 378,379, 382, 383,413, 414