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z/IRIS v 1.2.1


IronTap Linux Server

  • The names of the following fields have been changed to improve readability. The values were converted into CPU Seconds: 

    old field namenew field name

    Total CPU Seconds

    CPU Start Time

    (not displayed, used to calculate "Total CPU Seconds)

    CPU End Time

    (not displayed, used to calculate "Total CPU Seconds")

    CPU Time Executing DB2

    Total MVS

    WLM SP Address Spaces


    UDF processed in SP


    Main Appl. Triggers

    Appl. Triggers

    SP Sql Stmts in WLM Address Space

    SP SQL


    On ZIIP Total


    In-DB2 on ZIIP

    In DB2

    Trigger Exeution on ZIIP

    Appl. Trigger

    ZIIP Eligible on Std CPU

    On CP

    SP on ZIIP Class 1 and 2

    Appl. SP


    Appl. UDF

    SP on Std CPU Class 1 and 2

    Appl. SP

    UDF in-DB2 Class 1 and 2

    Appl. UDF

    SP Requests on ZIIP in-DB2

    SP in WLM

    SP SQL Stmts on ZIIP in-DB2

    UDF in WLM

    UDF in SP on ZIIP

    UDF in WLM 2

    UDF in-DB2 on ZIIP

    In Db2 UDF in WLM

    Nested Task Triggers on ZIIP

    Nested Triggers

    DB2 Processing of Accel. Eligible SQL

    Accelerator SQL on CP

    DB2 Processing on ZIIP of Accel. Eligible SQL

    Accelerator SQL on ZIIP

z/OS Client

  • Improved decision branching for streaming modes (in preparation for ETL streaming option between client and server)
  • Message flooding prevention when reconnecting after a TCP connection/IO Failure. The z/OS client will log 5 reconnect attempts and thereafter logging for the reconnect will be suppressed until a connection has been established. The following message will be logged in the STDOUT DD:

    Jul 15, 2019, 10:31:41 AM ! ZIRISUAT 1 error reconnecting via TCP, EDC8128I Connection refused. (Connection refused)
    Jul 15, 2019, 10:31:41 AM ! ZIRISUAT 1 Reconnect failed, automatic retry every 10 seconds.
                             Reconnect logging will be SUPPRESSED until a successful connection has been established


  • None

Reported issues

  • None

z/IRIS v 1.2.0

Major Features include:

  • Db2 LUWID correlation and ordering
  • Detecting Stored Procedure metrics and tagging for Instana APM users

  • Detecting Deadlock metrics and tagging for Instana APM users


  • Instana APM - Response Time alignment to Instana standard (<1ms)
  • Simplified SQL Communication Area Output


  • IFCID 3 parsing corrections between v11 and v12
  • Statement Type in IFCID 63 - offset corrected to parse the self defining section
  • Timestamp corrections

Reported Issues

  • No reported issues

Downloading z/IRIS Software

All z/IRIS software can be downloaded from the mainstorconcept Download Portal
New users should register here first, before attempting to download any z/IRIS software.

Please note:

All required z/OS licenses are obtained through a valid license agreement. For more information please email us at: